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Word Press Affiliates Does It Word For Bloggers October 4, 2009

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Hello just here to tell you about placing affiliates on your web site for free on your blog web site.I hve just joined the blogging network and found while i was building my blog the html code works for affiliates, so why not try this yourself.If you set up as sole trader and thats cost small money these days, in Ireland its 25 Euro and easy to do, so now go and join a affiliate web site and copy and paste the html code into your blog web site.

Irish Blogs

The video i made for this is too long for Utube and its on my web site http://www.qtelltrader.com/ as a free download in HD and i think word press blog web sites are limited but if your interested in placing 1000’s of affiliates on a web site im doing web site for 72.90 dollars for the year unlimited web pages images or text.

To watch how the affiliate works clich on the banner below and you will see the tracking code in the header of the web page